Rock and Roll Live Photos from Tokyo Japan!

Some of the Band and Artists we have photographed:

( In no particular order )
KISS, The Dead Daisies, Anvil, Sebastian Bach, Maziora The Band, Gargoyle, Kenzero, Kick Star Babies, Ninezero, Raiden, Sons of Apollo, Guns N Roses, Metal Mike, Foreigner, Crowley, Sixx.A.M. , Ron Bumblefoot Thal, Steven Adler Band, Paul Stanley Solo, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick (Grammy Winner), Union, ESP The Eric Singer Project, Overkill, Exodus, Phil Lewis, Kerri Keli, Metallica, Ritchie Scarlet, Dijizoes, Black Rain, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Paul Weller, Corpse Darlings, Anger 13, Suicide Squad, Iron Maidens, Pierced, Hell City Glamours, Kisstroyer, Sodum, Ninezero & The Outlaws, Napalm Death, Anthrax, Angra, Arch Enemy, Backyard Babies,
Zero Mind…  ...and many more to come!

** Not All Bands may be online at the moment. Stay tuned as we update the site. 

Photo galleries of bands from 2013 - 2018 below.

(Bands from 2000 - 2012 will be coming soon)

Sons of Apollo!

Crowley in Nagoya!

Spandixxx Live!

Maziora the Band!

The Dead Daisies!
Live in Tokyo!

Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Live in Tokyo 1!

Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Tokyo 2! Guitar Clinic

The Dead Daisies at Loudpark!

Sixx AM at Loudpark!

Kick Star Babies!

Maziora 2016

KISS in Australia!
2015 Volume 1

Guns N Rose B&W

The Dead Daisies
Australia 2015

Sisters Doll
Australia 2015

Japanese Punk Bands




Duff McKagan


KISS Japan 2013-1

KISS Japan 2013-2

KISS Japan 2013-3

Guns N Roses 2013

Blood Sabbath -
Japanese Tribute Band

Japanese Metallica Tribute Band

Maziora 2013

Still to come: Anvil, Sebastian Bach, Union, Guns N Roses, more KISS, Bruce Kulick, Foriegner etc etc...

(Bands from 2000 - 2012 will be coming soon! So plese come back)

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